Lifestyle Newborn Photography

strays away from posed portraits (think baby in an unnatural position with head in hands) to focus on connection and family dynamics, allowing the photographer to capture this moment in time for the family in a meaningful way. 

I live to capture these authentic family moments! An in-home lifestyle newborn session aims to capture the everyday moments in a beautiful way. It's captured in your home (or outside at your home), with your own surroundings and your own memories. It's the perfect combination of candid photos + professional-looking portraits. Sessions are held in the comfort of your home either late morning or mid-afternoon, depending on natural light.

Newborn sessions are one of my absolute faaaaavorite things to photograph. No matter how often I do them, I forget exactly how tiny babies are. Babies are just the sweetest things, and while once in a while I get a super chill baby who is content the whole time or will sleep through anything.... most babies are not quite so accommodating and that is perfectly fine too! Luckily, there are a few things you can do to help your in-home newborn session go as smoothly as possible.


  • Turn up the heat (above 70*)
  • Unplug cords (if possible)
  • Avoid logos
  • Choose Neutral colors
  • Declutter nightstands, sofa/coffee tables


· a pacifier (if you use one but no animal pacifiers, please).

· Change of clothes for mom + dad in case accidents happen.. and they tend too

· Neutral swaddles or onesies

· Extra blankets to use for layering to prop baby

· White nose machine (if used already)

Newborn Session Guide

The day of your session .. 

While I have a general plan, each session is unique as each baby has their own personality, temperament and needs. We go with the flow and it is important to stay flexible. 


When I arrive, I will walk through the house to find the best area to photograph in. Usually, I will be looking for the area with the largest amount of space and the most natural light. Also put away clutter so that we have space for the photography, and avoid messy backgrounds.


Turn up the heat! Set temperature at 70ish if possible. As we will change in and out of outfits it’s important to keep the house warm to keep baby comfortable.


If at all possible, try and keep baby awake and stimulated an hour before our session – it’s important for baby to be tired when the session starts so they are nice happy campers. Upon my arrival is the best time for feeding and diaper change. 

Much of the time during the session will be spent getting the baby calm, moving to new positions and taking the inevitable break because baby is hungry or has a dirty diaper.


When is the best age to photograph baby?

I recommend that you take your newborn photos between 5-20 days. This is during the time period baby hasn’t been out of the womb long, so they are more likely to stay asleep longer and curl up in “womb-like” poses.

What time do you recommend starting?

When babies are usually the sleepiest in the morning. Often we aim to start between 9:00-11:00am

How long will my session take?

Newborn sessions tend to last around 2-3.5 hours. I allow for a range of time and work on baby’s schedule. Sometimes we finish early and sometimes we run over. Please try and not schedule anything directly after our session. We take all the time needed for baby – I’m happy to take breaks for feeding or changes or just some rest.

What should baby wear?

Newborns should be the star of the show when it comes to the session, so dressing in bright colors or busy patterns is distracting.

I recommend: neutral onesies, knotted gown, swaddles, and (of course) a diaper.

If my clients have a special blanket for their baby, I love to incorporate that as well.

What should we wear?

Keep it casual. I think bare feet look most casual in a home setting. Your clothing should compliment your surroundings.

Play with texture and layers….whatever you feel most comfortable in! Neutrals are your best friend (gray, navy, tan, cream, white/ivory, soft colors, brown, beige, etc)

Last tip: Avoid matching your spouse/family. Instead coordinate with a ‘complimentary color schem’e.

How can I help my baby prepare for the session?

If at all possible, try and keep baby awake and stimulated an hour before our session – it’s important for baby to be tired when the session starts so they are nice happy campers. Upon my arrival is the best time for feeding and diaper change. If parents or siblings would like to be in the photos please have outfits ready to change into.

If siblings are involved…

When I arrive, I tour the home first and give parents a chance to feed the baby. If young siblings are going to participate, we will incorporate them immediately to start with family photos before they lose interest.

Do you have recommendations for preparing my home?

Often a newborn session will move around to a few rooms in your home. Mom and dad’s room, nursery, living room, kitchen, ect. Put away clutter so that we have space for the photography. Otherwise, I will help hide large distractions in unused space when I arrive.

Opening all the blinds and curtains in your home prior to the session will help make your photos bright and beautiful. We may use mom and dad’s bed for the newborn solo photos and lifestyle photos, so having a neutral colored bedding is preferred. If you do not own, please let me know and I will see what I have.

If you have questions about where we may photograph, or don’t have super well-lit areas, I always suggest texting home (don’t forget the nursery) photos prior to you session.